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T5 is DWIN Technology's low-cost, high-reliability dual-core 8051 CPU designed for dual-sided industrial and consumer applications. It adopts TSMC 40nm process, and is mainly used for single IC solutions of small and medium size industrial UART screens, DCS system control units and basic unit module processor of artificial intelligence system. The official mass production of T5 was fulfilled in July 2017.

CPU Performance

  • 1T enhanced 8051, maximum speed 600 MHz, dual cores.
  • 16*16 40-bit 1T integer MAC, 64*64 4T integer MAC, 64/64 8T integer divider, JPEG decoder.


  • 1Mbytes Flash, 1.25 Mbytes SRAM, 64-bit unique Device ID.
  • 4-way DMA.


  • 8 UARTs, independent baud rate controller, baud rate up to 16Mbps.
  • 10 16-bit Timers, 6 of which are in Autoload mode.
  • 4 channels up to 16-bit PWM, the base frequency and accuracy can be set (the highest carrier frequency of 30KHz can output audio at 14bit resolution).
  • One way I2S interface for external high-fidelity music playback with a 24-bit stereo DAC.
  • Built-in TFT driver and memory, 65K color, single chip can drive TFT LCD with maximum resolution of 800*600.
  • 1 SD/SDHC interface, 1 SPI interface, 4 I2C interfaces, 4 external interrupts.
  • Up to 76 I/Os, I/O port speeds up to 100MHz, +/-4mA drive capability.
  • Built-in oscillator and PLL, full temperature range clock error +/-1%; support for external clock input.

Other Performance

  • Operating temperature: -55℃ to +105 ℃ operating temperature range (highest frequency operating mode).
  • ESD protection: 2KV ESD protection for all I/O ports.
  • Encryption protection: A new generation of DWIN patent encryption technology to ensure the effective protection of user intellectual property.
  • Low power consumption: peak power consumption of 60mW/100MHz.
  • Process: TSMC 40LP process, LQFP128 package.